a little about friendship
a little about the cartoon
a little about an alien named O
A brief summary of the main points
There is such a people in the Galaxy - the Boovs. They are a cowardly people who, at the slightest danger, make their feet, under the command of Captain Smack.
They are on the run from a race of gorg across the galaxy. However, they find the planet Earth and decide it is the perfect new home for them.
This is Oh
In an attempt to make friends with his kin, Oh throws a housewarming party, but no one comes. To let everyone know about the party, Oh thinks of sending a message to everyone, but by mistake he sends a message to the whole galaxy (including the Gorgs).
Because of the endangerment of the entire race, the Oh's begin to seek out
In an attempt to escape, Oh runs into the store. In addition to him, Tip is hiding in the store. Their encounter is unexpected for both of them. Thanks to Tip's reaction, Oh immediately finds himself in the refrigerator.
Their communication begins at the junction of problems: Tip needs to find her mother, and Oh to hide from the search, which can only be solved together.
They fly to the main Boov center to find Mom.
However, upon reaching O, he realizes that because of his message, they may be overtaken by the Gorgs. He logs into the computer and enters a password to unsend the email.
After saving their people, they can return to what they came for. They enter Tip's mother's information and find her in Argentina at the same voice center.
Who are the Gorges
The Gorgis are the very people the Boovs fear. But if we watch the cartoon further, we realize that the Gorgis are not a people, but only one commander.
And of course he's not as dangerous as he seems. It's just that Captain Smack stole something important from him that had to be returned no matter what.
Is it all Captain Smack's fault?
In spite of the fact that Oh canceled the invitation and it did not reach the Gorgs. The Gorgs have already found a new home and seek to destroy planet Earth.
O guessed that in fact the Gorgs are not really after the boovs, but the bump, which is the next generation of Gorgs. It was she who was stolen by Captain Smack.
To save the planet Oh runs to meet the ship and stops the invasion. The brave Boov retrieves what he stole.
Looking at Oh, the Boobies realized what a real captain should be. They unanimously decided to make Oh the new captain.
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